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Patio Ideas Using Natural Stone

Patio Ideas Using Natural Stone

We love natural stone for patios or any landscaping projects, it’s beautiful and you can create effortlessly stunning and unique patio landscapes, that will last you a long time due to natural stones durable qualities. Choosing the right material to update your existing patio or create a new patio is very important. We suggest selecting natural stone because of its durable and aesthetical nature.

In this blog, we will explore 4 patio ideas when using natural stone and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


Combine Natural Stone Patio to Stone Steps

Incorporating stone steps within your garden might already be a feature you want to include, but have you ever considered connecting your stone steps to your patio? This will surely add an elegant touch to your overall garden design.

Try using Marshalls Fairstone Flamed Narias Garden Paving which features a hand flamed and lightly brushed surface finish. This creates a textured surface, which has excellent slip resistant properties. The light brushing brings out the vibrancy of the stone, whilst the sawn edges give your patio a modern look.  


Try a Mosaic Finish

Get a little creative with your patio design and try our natural stone mosaic style paving to help your patio stand out. Check out our Marshalls Riven Harena Kaleidoscope Garden Paving, which will certainly give you that mosaic style finishing.

Marshalls Riven Harena Kaleidoscope Garden Paving is the next generation of Crazy Paving!!! Riven Harena Kaleidoscope is tessellated for use as a feature or across the entire patio area. It is available in two of the most popular Riven Harena colours: Autumn Bronze Multi and Silver Birch Multi, making Kaleidoscope perfect for those looking for a unique, intricate garden design.


Build your Natural Stone Patio around a Centrepiece

Go for a classical style by building your patio around a centrepiece feature within your garden and create a focal point whenever you have any social gatherings in your garden. You can use natural stone paving circles, which are perfect with stunning designs. We recommend looking into our Marshalls Indian Sandstone Circles range for this particular job.  

The Indian Sandstone Circle allows you to add a stunning feature to your project. It is comparable with other commercially available sandstones but simply has not met the rigorous grading standards set for Fairstone premium Sandstone.

Available in three different colours: brown, bluff and grey multi. With a variety of colours, we’re certain you’ll find a suitable to match the overall look of your garden and create that perfect finish.


Natural Stone Paving for Contemporary Homes

Want to create a modern feel to your homes exterior? By selecting big natural stone paving for your patio design will do the trick for most contemporary homes and make a bold statement. Our Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Versuro King Size paving slabs range would work really for anyone who wishes to have a contemporary feel in their home.

Fairstone Sawn Versuro King Size paving slabs are an oversized option and is made India. The stone is hand selected for colour and quality consistency. Each paving slab is precision sawn to ensure dimensional accuracy. We’re confident that this paving range will impress your guests and create striking modern designs. This king size paving is available in several colours, so whatever colour or theme you’re going for, we got you sorted.

We hope you have found some inspiration for natural stone paving, and we only select the finest suppliers such as Marshalls to offer you natural stone paving products, which are ethically sourced and guarantee a superior stone quality finish. Explore our full range of natural paving here.