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How to Create Different Zones in Your Garden

How to Create Different Zones in Your Garden

One of the best ways to maximise the space of your garden is by creating zoned areas. Dividing your garden into different zones will help to give each area a particular purpose. For example, dining, relaxing and playing.

Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, there are plenty of ways to make interesting zoned areas in your garden this summer.

Read on for some simple zoning ideas that you could introduce to your garden…


Trellis is not only a beautiful garden feature for climbing plants, but it can also be used to separate a space and add privacy. This is called screening and it is an ideal way to create new zones in your garden. Screening can be used to soften the view of your outdoor space. For example a trellis with an archway creates the perfect entrance to a secluded seating area.

Railway sleepers

Railway sleepers are ideal for dividing your garden and they also add an interesting dimension to your landscape. You can buy new or weathered sleepers and both styles will help to add new colours and textures to your garden design. You can also use sleepers to create a raised flower bed or a wall. For example, laying sleepers horizontally can attractively fence off a patio area or a water feature.

Dining area 

Outdoor dining areas can be created in many different ways. You can go for a covered area like a terrace, which is usually situated close to a back door, or you can create a barbecue zone by adding natural stone patio slabs to any area of your garden. To really divide a patio area from the rest of your garden, you could add a pair of potted plants to create a stylish entrance.

Play area

If you have children, then it is a great idea to create a designated play zone in your garden. This can be achieved even in a small space, by adding an area of artificial grass and benches to create a border. Additionally, you could use railway sleepers to build a sandpit for your children to play in, all of which we can source for you.

It's all about being creative! Splitting your garden up into specific areas can really revolutionise the space and luckily, Lawsons can supply anything you need, from sand to screws.

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