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Everything you need to know about Hardwood Garden Sleepers

Everything you need to know about Hardwood Garden Sleepers

Railway sleepers are extremely versatile and a great choice to create and plan a new garden layout. New garden layouts can include steps, pathways or even simple borders. You can even use wooden sleepers to create raised garden beds or flower beds.  Whatever the use for garden sleepers, you can purchase railway sleepers in three different variants – Hardwood, Softwood and Reclaimed Sleepers. In this blog, we explore in detail everything you need to know about Hardwood/Oak Garden Sleepers.  


What are Hardwood Railway Sleepers?

Like all railway sleepers, hardwood railway sleepers are very versatile, robust and durable. The key characteristics of hardwood sleepers consist of durability and compared to softwood sleepers, they require less maintenance, but are heavier. Due to these key features, you can purchase hardwood sleepers in new or used conditions – it truly depends on the purpose you’re using them for.

The hardwoods used for Lawson’s railway sleepers are responsibly sourced from across Europe. So, you can have complete peace of mind that your purchase is not harming the environment or any natural habitats.


What colours do Hardwood Railway Sleepers come in?

A common question we get asked about our hardwood railway sleepers is what colours do they come in? Our hardwood sleepers come in their natural form, so a lot of the hardwood sleepers we sell are a natural oak colour. It should be noted that because the hardwood sleepers come in their natural state, the colour may vary from one hardwood sleeper to another.


What are the benefits of using Hardwood Railway Sleepers?

There are many benefits of using hardwood sleepers for your landscaping projects, which include:

  • Durable - hardwood railway sleepers are extremely durable and last you a very long time.  
  • Long Lasting – you can expect your hardwood sleeper to last you up to 30-40 years.
  • Resistant to decay - hardwood sleepers are much more resistant in comparison to softwood sleepers, the reason for this is because oak has a higher resistant to any decay and this is without being treated!
  • Low maintenance – when compared to softwood sleepers, our hardwood sleepers are lower maintenance due to the natural wood qualities it is made from.


What can I use Hardwood Garden Sleepers for?

Like softwood sleepers, hardwood sleepers can be used for a variety of projects around the garden and your outdoor space. The common use(s) for hardwood sleepers include:


  • Sleeper Steps
  • Retaining Sleeper Walls
  • Pathways
  • Garden Edging
  • Raised Flower Bed


How do I treat my Hardwood Railway Sleeper?

At Lawsons, our hardwood railway sleepers are not treated when sold, this is because oak is very durable in its natural state. The wood in the hardwood sleepers is slow grown and is a much denser timber, so it does not require any treatment like our softwood sleepers. You can, however, treat your hardwood sleepers if you wish too by using wood preservative.

Hardwood sleepers should last you a very long time, however as with any timber product, some level of maintenance will ensure that your sleepers remain in the best possible condition it can over the years.   


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