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Can you use artificial grass on decking

Can you use artificial grass on decking

Artificial grass has been a popular option for many homeowners and it is easy to see why! It is easy to install and extremely low maintenance. A question that we get asked a lot by our customers is whether you can use artificial grass on decking? In short, the answer is yes but there are a few factors that we will address in this blog that you should consider…

Over the past years, garden decking was very popular and was showcased in nearly all garden showrooms. While it may be a little outdated now, you may will want to update and transform your garden and update your old decking. You can use artificial grass to make this transformation quicker and cost effective.


What are the key benefits of using Artificial Grass on Decking?

There are some key benefits to using artificial grass on your decking an this includes:

  • Ease of installation: Its so easy to install on decking and will certainly transform your garden look and feel. It also looks aesthetically pleasing, especially if your decking has aged over time.
  • You will find you will not have any drainage issues.
  • Artificial grass sold at Lawsons is low maintenance and very easy to look after.

For further tips on how to clean your artificial grass, head over to our ‘How to clean Artificial Grass’ guide.


Will Decking Rot Under Artificial Grass?

Your decking should not rot underneath artificial grass if it has been installed correctly and you’ve put in place the right measures to protect the decking. It shouldn’t rot and also artificial grass is ideal for decking as drainage and weed growth will not be a problem, this is because these factors will have already been considered and handled with when the decking was installed.


Key checklist before installing artificial grass on decking

  • Ensure your decking is in a good condition, otherwise it will end up costing you a lot more money if you have to fix decking problems after your grass has been installed
  • Check your decking for any gaps and ensure that if there are any gaps, they are smaller than 1cm. if they are larger than 1cm, you may find that the installed grass will start to sag and this is a hazard and will make your outdoor area look unattractive.
  • Check your decking weed membrane and ensure its intact before installation your artificial grass
  • Finally check your decking gradient for water drainage and ensure its in good condition

How to install Artificial Grass on Decking?

Installing artificial grass to decking is pretty simple and quick. Its very similar to installing carpet onto a wooden floor. You can install artificial grass to wooden decking in 6 steps:

  1. Clear the decking of any furniture, debris and mess
  2. Next clean the decking and damp proof the area
  3. Let the decking area dry for around 48 hours
  4. The next step is to install a marine plywood or maybe a shockpad all over the decking to help smooth the surface
  5. Lay the grass out on the decking and allow to settle for around one hour
  6. Finally, secure your grass into place by spot gluing the corners or with nails