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6 Storage Ideas for Your Garden

6 Storage Ideas for Your Garden

A traditional garden shed is the obvious storage solution for all your garden equipment, but what if you don’t have the room for this extra building in your outdoor space? Don’t panic, there are plenty of other compact alternatives that will help to keep your garden clutter-free. 

Read on for six clever storage ideas for your garden… 

Bench Storage

Your garden storage solution doesn’t need to be boring, why not combine it with your patio furniture and add storage to your seating! Benches not only provide a place to sit and dine in your garden, but they can also double up as somewhere to hide the children’s toys, outdoor cushions or garden tools. 


As you can probably guess by the name, a Clutterbox is perfect for garden clutter! This free standing storage unit with double doors provides easy access to your hose reel, gardening tools or folding deck chairs. It is a perfect addition for a smaller garden as it can be placed against a wall or fence.


Bin Store

A Bin Store is particularly helpful for storing away your unattractive wheelie bins and protecting them from all weather conditions. Furthermore, the bin covers help to stop your bins from blowing over in strong winds, and protects your waste from pests like rats and foxes.

Garden Chest

A Garden Chest is ideal for tidying away smaller items, such as garden tools, toys or welly boots; keeping them safe and protected on those wet days where you can’t get out and enjoy the garden. A garden chest can easily be placed on a patio or down a sideway for additional storage.

Bike Store

A Bike Store is not only great for storing all your family’s cycling equipment, but it is the ideal size for general storage too. Plus, the double doors allow for easy access. A bike store keeps your bicycles safe and secure and protects them from weather damage.

Wall space

Wall space is often overlooked. However it can be used to free up more floor space in your garden. Wall mounted racks are an ideal way to declutter your garden tools and help to keep everything where you can see it. You could also add some shelving or hanging flower pots to your walls to create beautiful and practical garden storage.


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