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Things to Consider When Building a New Fence

Things to Consider When Building a New Fence

As the sun starts to shine a lot more, you may be looking at adding a new fence, or replacing a fence that needs some TLC. Whatever your options are, we have a guide to look into what you should consider before getting to work.

Are you replacing an old fence or building in a new area?

Make sure you’re not building on land that’s not yours, or possibly encroaching on your neighbours! If there is a new area that requires fencing around your home, make sure that you are not building in the wrong place. It can also ensure you’re not building a fence across anything important, like guttering or a sewer that requires access.

What kind of fencing would you like?

There are of course lots of different types of fencing to choose from that can be used across your home. You can choose from lap panels to build across your garden, or picket panels that you can add around the front of your home, decorative panels, or even something more specific.

Depending on what the weather’s like for most of the year you may want to consider a different type of fencing over another. Heavy duty timber fences are very versatile and strong, but there are also different techniques used like in closeboard fencing for instance. There are also vinyl or metal fences that you may want to consider instead, or more specialist fencing for schools, large businesses and other commercial purposes.

Consider adding gravel boards

A gravel board is what’s added underneath your fence to protect the fence itself from any underlying water damage. They also act like a small foundation that your fence sits on, giving it the chance to be sturdier, more secure in the ground and more durable when there’s any severe weather. They also reduce the amount of rot your timber fence could get if it’s planted straight into the ground.


Look into wood treatment options

Like decking, fences need protection too! Fence oil is a great way to keep the wood protected throughout the year, especially in the harsher months when there tends to be a lot more rain or harsh sunlight.

We provide a variety of wood preservatives that fight against natural enemies in the outdoors that will help keep your fencing safe all year round. Painting your fence is another option as well to add to your garden’s or home’s aesthetic.

Look at our guides for more support

We have a whole range of guides to help you with your fencing plan and how to care for them, including installation guides and a helpful team to get you on your feet! We know our fences and how we can help you with your landscaping plans - find a branch today to discover more.


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