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Timber Fencing – The Pros and Cons

Timber Fencing – The Pros and Cons

The most popular and preferred material for fencing is timber. Wooden fencing has been around for centuries and is still the number one fencing choice for many households in the UK. So, what makes timber fencing so popular? In this blog we will explore the pros and cons of timber fencing.


The Pros

Ease of installation

With any kind of fencing, its essential to ensure that the installation is done securely and most importantly correct as this will enable your fencing to last a very long time and limit any repair issues later on.

A key benefit of using timber gravel boards and timber fence posts with fence panels is that compared concrete gravel boards and concrete fence posts, the timber options are lighter, and this makes the installation process much easier and smooth.



Timber fencing looks great and is elegant! It adds a natural touch to your garden.

With so many choices and designs available in timber options, you will be able to find the perfect fencing to match your garden and requirements. At Lawsons, you have the choice of lap panels, closeboard fencing, trellis options, decorative panels and many more.

You can find most of our fence panels in green and brown colour options, however you can paint over these of a colour of your choice to compliment the style of your home.

Below you can find some timeless styles which will help increase the aesthetics of your garden:

Lap Panels

Decorative Panels

Trellis Panels


Timber fencing is cheaper, especially in comparison to concrete fence posts, timber fence posts tend to be more affordable and will help keep the cost down if you’re installing a fence on a low budget.


Environmentally Friendly 

All timber fencing supplied by Lawsons is environmentally and ethically sourced and certified by the FSC. So, if having a more sustainable garden is your preference, then our environmentally friendly timber fencing is the perfect addition.

Pressure Treated = Made to Last 

Another benefit of timber fencing is that it is pressure treated to ensure a long service life. Our fencing is pressure treated because in its natural form, wood is known to rot and decay over time. This treatment allows the timber to be more durable, so you don’t need to worry about durability if you pick timber fencing.  



Timber fencing can provide adequate privacy and secure off your boundaries from your neighbours and even intruders. If privacy is your main motive for installing fencing, purchase 6ft (1650mm) panels and for added security you can even add a trellis topper.

The Cons

While there are many benefits of timber fencing, like everything there are a few drawbacks…

Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions such as rain, storms and winds can seriously damage your timber fencing especially your fence posts. Water can cause significant moisture damage and cause your timber fence to rot and become mouldy. Such conditions can also cause discolouring to your fencing, however, over time it’s important to know that timber will discolour.

Always opt for pressure treated wooden fencing and ensure you maintain your fencing to avoid such damage.


Wood is prone to warps, rotting and insect attacks

Timber is prone to rotting and fungal attacks, so this is something to consider about timber fencing. However, with ample treatment and maintenance, your timber fencing should last a long time.



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