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What to Consider When Selecting a New Fence

How will your fencing stand up to the winter storm

Selecting a new fence can often be a difficult task as there are various factors which need to be considered. These can include whether you are looking for fencing for privacy reasons or down to aesthetics. Whatever the reason for your choice of fencing, read our blog to ensure you’ve thought about the below considerations before making a fence purchase.  


Whose responsibility is it to replace a fence? Me or my neighbour?

Before planning on erecting a new fence, it’s important for you to know whose responsibility it is to replace or install a new fence. Make sure you check your property deeds to determine and confirm the boundaries for which the owner of a property is responsible – this is usually labelled with a T- mark and can be supplied by the Land Registry.

We also recommend speaking to your neighbours first before starting any garden work. You can find out more information about this by reading our blog ‘Do you need your neighbour’s permission to replace a fence?’.


What heights are available to me?

Fence panels and posts come in various sizes, so make sure you know what size fencing you would like. Below is a table which outlines fence panel, gravel board and fence post size recommendations.  

Privacy & security is the priority 

A key factor which may influence a homeowners decision on what fencing they choose is security and privacy – especially if they live in urban and suburban areas. Fencing can be a great way to secure your boundaries and offer a level of privacy from your neighbours.

We recommend 6ft (1650mm) fence panels to keep your home safe and allow that much needed privacy. Also, try adding trellis toppers on top of your panels to give it more height and added security.  


Aesthetics – I want my fencing to match the style of my garden… 

When choosing a fence, you might want a fence which compliments the overall style of your garden. Rather than being a necessity in the garden, you can make your fencing a feature in for your garden if you choose our decorative fencing options. Decorative fencing offers privacy, without compromising the aesthetics of a garden.

With so many traditional and modern decorative panels available at Lawsons, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fence style to match your garden.


Animals – safe fencing for pets

Do you have any pets? Then you should consider fencing which is ideal for your furry friend. Chain link fencing can be a great solution for keeping dogs safe at home, whereas if you live in more rural areas, then you might want to consider stock fencing (agricultural fencing). This type of fencing is perfect for animal containment such as sheep and pigs and can also be used as field boundaries for other small to medium size animals.

Whatever fencing you choose, if you’re a pet parent then your priority will be fencing suitable for your pet, therefore pets are an important consideration when choosing a new fence.


The weather in the UK is very unpredictable, but for most of the year it is normally cold, wet, and windy. You should consider fencing which is ideal for harsh weather conditions as storms and winds can damage a lot of fencing. When choosing your fencing, opt for fencing that is strong and durable and ensure that your fence is installed accurately and securely. Here’s a few tips to consider:

  • Create a solid foundation and ensure your posts are installed at the correct depth
  • Use heavy duty fence posts
  • Use trellis panels which offer plenty of gaps for wind to pass through

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