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What types of Railway Sleepers are there?

What types of Railway Sleepers are there?

What types of Railway Sleepers are there?

We love Railway Sleepers, they are beautiful, versatile, come in various shapes and forms and have over the years become immensely popular among landscape architects, gardeners and even furniture designs. 

Lawsons stock a range of sleepers to suit whatever project you might be working on. Our sleepers are sourced from the UK and the Baltics from responsibly sourced forests therefore you can be rest assured that there is no harm to the environment and its habitat.

Read our blog to find out what kind of railway sleepers are available to you and to help you make a more informed decision before purchasing. 


Softwood Railway Sleepers

Softwood sleepers are very economical and are very cost-effective for those looking to buy sleepers on a budget. In comparison to hardwood sleepers, they are much lighter, easier to maneuver, cut and position. 

Softwood railway sleepers can be used for a number of landscape projects including garden edgings, building a raised flower bed or make a retaining wall and for steps and garden furniture.  


Hardwood Railway Sleepers 

Hardwood railway sleepers are extremely versatile, durable and robust. Hardwood sleepers have inherent properties of durability and offer a maintenance free alternative in comparison to our softwood sleepers. 

Due to these innate material qualities, hardwood sleepers can be brought new or used and is completely dependent on the finish you want, what you need them for and your budget. 

There are many uses for new hardwood railway sleepers for various projects ranging from garden paths, retaining walls and planters. Used hardwood sleepers are more suitable for your garden and exterior projects. 

The straight edges on our sleepers give you clean lines for your designs and are coated, you can however, coat them with a choice of your own colour or stain to achieve the finish you desire. 


Used/Reclaimed Sleepers

Used and reclaimed sleepers are a unique choice and can boost any landscaping projects. The weathered sleepers are beautiful and have fantastic character to enhance your garden. There are many benefits of reclaimed sleepers such as thy are strong and sturdy, unlikely to rot and will have a long-life span. 


Now that you have a better understanding of Railway Sleepers, why not check out our range of sleepers and assembling tools such as sleeper fixings and sleeper steels and beautify your garden. 

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