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Using Upcycled Furniture to Revamp Your Home

Using Upcycled Furniture to Revamp Your Home

Having recycled furniture in your home is becoming a big trend! It’s a movement that encourages us to think about what happens if we waste furniture or go to replace something in our home that’s not necessarily ruined, but in need of an update.

If you’re DIY-inclined then this’ll be a really fun experience to try, and can add value to your home, but if you’re not sure where to start then here’s a good guide to some inspiration to get you started.

What exactly is upcycling?

It can refer to anything that involves salvaging, repurposing or reimagining your own furniture or something you’ve found at a tip or a piece of furniture you already own. Upcycling usually adds value to an existing item, usually in redesigning the furniture or changing its current look. If you think it’s time to update parts of your home on a budget, we’ll look at some ideas you can incorporate into your own home.

Repainting something in your home

Got a set of drawers or a wardrobe that doesn't really fit the rest of the room? A repaint can make a heap of difference if you’re looking to add different colours to the room and spruce it up. Adding hints of accent colours into your room can act a pop of colour against what could be a plain backdrop, and it’s also a relatively cheap option.

Using white walls as a base you have a lot of different options, as a neutral colour that brightens up a room, so you’d be welcome to add bright colours, tonal colours or match them to the wall or flooring.

Hitting the second-hand shop or a charity shop

If you’re not exactly sure what you’re after, going to a second-hand store can give you a heap of inspiration of where you could add new features to your home. Hanging ornaments or plants are a great way of adding character to a room without making things too complicated. 

You could also head to a furniture store run by a charity to get a dining table, side table, dresser, or ornaments at the fraction of the price you would have paid ordinarily. Not only is it good for the environment but it’s good for your pocket as well.

Use old wooden boxes as display shelves

You can find rustic or old wooden boxes all over, and maybe even in your garage gathering dust. A sand down and a paint of these boxes can give them a new lease of life, and you can also use them as display shelves stuck to the wall. Paint the wooden boxes in different colours to give a range of different accent colours in the room.

You’re adding a bit of a modern look while also keeping a rustic aesthetic by using wood. Add some of your favourite pictures or a few plants to add some more character.

Use patterns to add depth to the colour

If you’re not sure how to add more to what you’re painting or revamping, a simple pattern can make all the difference. If you enjoy painting and have a good idea of what you’d like to add to your painting then it’s easier, but if you’re struggling you can always look up some pattern ideas and stencils online to give you ideas.

If you’re good at DIY, cut down tables and turn them into something new

Taking apart a disused table can give you a lot of possibilities if you’re good with DIY and putting together furniture. A large dining table can be cut down to make a series of stools for example, or you can make a small planting area for the garden.

Another idea could be adding a small table into the bathroom and cutting a hole in the centre to act as a space for where the sink can live, making a cheap but rustic-looking wash table. Any salvaged wood from a table can be used as shelves, whether for display reasons or as a storage solution.

There are heaps of ideas you can use that will reignite how you feel about your home and can be changed up even if you’re on a budget. Upcycling is also hugely beneficial for the environment, and you only need a few tools to get started. Shop around at Lawsons to find some upcycling tools and inspiration!