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Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Your Home's Value

Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Your Home's Value

Thinking of selling your home, or have you been putting off those decoration plans? There are many ways you can boost the value of your home by making changes that are cost-effective and improve your return on investment.

Changes within the Home

A repaint of the home, a fresh new set of wallpaper or plastering that uneven wall - all great examples of how to change parts of your home that give it a new lease of life.

If you’re improving your home ready for a sale, a lot of potential buyers can be put off by creaking floorboards, uneven or loose tiles, changes to wall texture and cracks found in the ceilings.

You might have noticed these things already, and they can easily be remedied by a person that knows their DIY, or you can hire a decorator who can advise you.


Changes to the Garden

Making your garden look presentable and, most importantly, tidy can significantly improve its appeal to buyers. Whether you have a small, enclosed garden or one that spans several metres you can spruce up your garden in multiple ways.

Cleaning and touching up your decking will make it shine should guests or potential buyers come to visit. If you have the space, adding a railway sleeper can give you a number of possibilities like making a flower bed, growing vegetables or even as a way or landscaping your garden. 

Adding distinct sections to your garden could help buyers visualise the way the area should look. This can be as easy as adding new paving, adding or changing up your patio space and clear pathways to other areas in the garden.


Exterior House Changes

The first thing people see is going to be the front of your house, so make those first impressions count. Clean all of the windows and look for any cracks or other damage. You may have some overgrowth on your brickwork from nearby trees or weeds that can be cut away if you wish or left to boost the character of the home.

While you’re looking, check the bricks and note any loose or damaged ones if you have an exposed brick home, or any chips and other damage to the walls. A repaint or newly designed door can speak volumes. If you’re bold, try a brightly coloured door, or even a clean of your door can make it sparkle again. And for an added touch why not add a decorative wreath on your door? There are many different types you can find for each season.

Not sure where to start with your home improvements? Why not view our wide range of products to see where your home needs that extra shine! Lawsons provide everything you need to spruce up your home and garden with a professional and friendly service.

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