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How to Save Money with Your Heating This Winter

How to Save Money with Your Heating This Winter

Are you worried about the rising cost of your utility bills in the winter, when you have to start using the heating on a daily basis? Smart controls and adequate insulation are just some of the many ways you can help to keep your house warm, whilst saving money. Here are some more of our helpful heating tips:

Seal Windows & Doors

A really simple way to improve the heating in your home and save money on your bills is by ensuring that your windows and doors are properly sealed. Even the tiniest of cracks can allow heating to escape from your home and larger gaps can cause drafts.

Check every door and window and simply use a sealant like Trade Mate Silicone to seal any gaps between masonry and timber, or PVC frames. 

Install Underfloor Heating Mats

Underfloor heating is a fantastic option for reducing your heating bills. This is because it warms up the whole room at an even rate, whereas a radiator only heats up the immediate surrounding area. Furthermore, heat is often lost to the wall on which the radiator is mounted.  Providing that your room is sufficiently insulated, underfloor mats can be used as the sole source of heat in the room and they have been designed to stay warm for a long period after being switched off.


Install Smart Controls 

Smart controls are great for reducing your heating bills because they allow you to control your heating when you are away from home. For example, if you head out of the house in a hurry and forget to turn the heating off, you can do so remotely via your smart phone. Alternatively, you can also switch your heating on before travelling home from work, so your home is nice and warm when you return.

Insulate your loft

Installing loft insulation can help you to save a huge amount of money on your heating bills. Not only will it make a big difference to the temperature inside your home, but it is really simple to fit and inexpensive to buy. Why not try using foil insulation; it is a much newer and more advanced insulation solution. It is a cost effective way of keeping the warmth in through the winter and excessive heat out during the summer months. Being lightweight makes the product easy to fix using conventional methods such a staples and timber battens.

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