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Keeping Your Garden Organised All Year Round with Garden Storage

Gardening enthusiasts will know the frustration of keeping their beloved green space tidy and beautiful no matter what the time of year. In the UK, the weather alone causes some serious challenges – add to that the frustration of Autumn and wildlife and you’ve got a real issue.

Falling leaves which either dry up and blow into every nook and cranny or get wet and soggy, draping themselves over surfaces, tools, equipment and plant pots…gardens are home to lots of bits and pieces and detritus which can ruin the look of your careful gardening, but there is something you can do about it.

Garden storage has come a long way in recent years and there’s a wide range to choose from no matter how large or small your garden is. Even those with tiny courtyards can benefit from a good storage facility.

Keeping everything in its place is vital and most people want to avoid cramming their garden shed full of lawnmowers, cycles, rakes, and pots all at the same time. That generally just results in an impassable shed and a frustrated gardener who can’t reach what he wants!

Storage to keep your garden pretty

Some items might be very necessary in a garden but that doesn’t mean they’re attractive. Bins, cycles and children’s toys can all ruin the general ambience of a carefully planned space in one fell swoop.

Dedicated bin storage can make a world of difference to how attractive and organised your garden looks and specially designed binstores are the perfect solution to not only the look of the corner in which you keep your bin but also to the smell.

Binstores have a latched gate at the front to enable easy access when it’s time to put the bins out and a hinged lid to ensure ease of usage on a daily basis.

On a less unattractive front, children’s toys might not be as offensive as rubbish bins but they’re certainly not going to add to the atmosphere of your garden party or barbeque when they’re strewn across your otherwise perfect lawn.

This is why garden storage chests are a good idea; they’re great for hiding away balls, skittles, skipping ropes and larger toys such as swing-ball sets and even goal posts if they’re collapsible. You can tuck the paddling pool away rather than have it cluttering up the shed or permanently out on the lawn making your grass turn yellow!

For your own odds and ends such as lawnmowers or smaller tools like shears and clippers, you might find that a wallshed offers just the right amount of extra storage but without taking up the amount of space a second shed would.

Wallsheds are also a great option for keen gardeners to keep their composts and fertilisers in; they’re lockable and secure so you know that your potentially dangerous chemicals can’t get into the wrong hands.

Lawsons have a very wide selection of garden storage available and most options come in multiple sizes so you can tailor your ideal storage to your own garden.