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Everything you need to know about Lap Fence Panels

Everything you need to know about Lap Fence Panels

Lap fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing. It is constructed using wooden slats in a traditional, horizontal and partially overlapping design. Each lap panel fence has a robust timber frame that secures the panel and makes it easy to slot into wooden or concrete fence posts.

This type of fencing is a stylish and cost effective way of providing security and privacy to your garden. Read on to learn more about lap fence panels and the many benefits they have to offer…


Lap fences are ideal for boundary fences and provide the perfect solution for increased privacy. Maybe you have neighbouring houses overlooking your garden or you want to create your own enclosed space - Our best-selling range of Lap Fence Panels have been manufactured using heavy timber battens to provide superior strength and closed horizontal slats for privacy.


A new fence is a great way to add more security to your property. The robust construction of lap fencing helps to keep the inside in and the outside out, preventing unwanted animals or people from accessing your land. Lap fence panels vary in size from 3ft to 6ft tall, which means you can choose the right height panel to match your security requirements.


Our range of lap fence panels have been manufactured using heavy timber framing and treated with timber preservative to ensure greater durability for a longer life. Both our pressure-treated and dip-treated lap fence panels (in green and brown timber) are designed to be durable, strong, long-lasting and secure.


Fencing can be used for far more than marking the edges of your garden. It can be used to separate areas of your garden and improve the look of your overall landscape. Lap fence panels come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, so you can create the perfect boundary for your property.


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