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What is a Gravel board and how to install

What is a Gravel board and how to install

Is it essential to use a gravel board when installing a new fence is a common question, we get asked. The answer in short is yes, read on below to find out why it’s important to use a gravel board during your fence installation and how it can help to serve the longevity of your fencing.

We’ve also included a simple how to install a gravel board guide to make your fence installation with gravel boards an easy task.

What is a Gravel Board?

A gravel board usually come around 150mm in height and essentially are used underneath to protect your fence from moisture damage form the wet ground, debris and insect damage to ensure that your fencing lasts as long as possible.

There are two main types of gravel boards which include timber and concrete.  

Timber Gravel Boards:

Timber gravel boards are often preferred by people who would like to maintain a traditional look to their fence, especially with decorative fence panels.

Concrete Gravel Boards:

Concrete is an ideal material for gravel boards, since it is strong and does not rot like timber. While it does contrast with closeboard or lap panel fences, you can team concrete gravel boards with concrete fence posts to create a strong, secure, and low maintenance fence for your home or business premises.


The benefits: 

Whether you opt for a timber gravel board to keep a traditional fencing look or go for concrete gravel boards, the benefits of installing one are clear and here’s why:

  • Avoid your fence panels from being in direct contact with any moisture and therefore eliminate the risk of any water damage and rot
  • The prevention of moisture damage and rot therefore prolong the life of your fencing
  • Gravel boards increase the height to your fence providing more privacy  
  • Gravel boards make the bottom of your fence look tidier by removing uneven gaps making your garden fence look professional
  • Avoid any unexpected damage to your fence panels with the use of a gravel board and save money in the future


How do I install a Gravel Board? 

Installing a timber gravel board to fence panels

Timber gravel boards are installed to fence panels using cleats.


A cleat is a small block of wood as illustrated by the image on the left.




  1. Firstly, nail the cleat to the timber fence post at the required depth from the face of the post – we recommend 22mm, but this is down to your preference
  2. Nail the gravel board onto the face of the cleat
  3. Gravel board installation is complete


Installing a concrete gravel board with concrete mortice post

When installing a concrete gravel board, we recommend you use a concrete fence post such as a mortice post to ensure your fencing still looks great.

Concrete gravel boards and mortice posts can be used to erect closeboard fencing. You will still need to use cleats, but this time you will need to opt for a concrete galvanised two pin push-in cleat (see example image below).








You simply slot the cleat pins into the bottom holes of the mortice post, and then bolt the gravel board onto the cleat using an M8x80 bolt, nut and round washer together with a plate washer on the concrete face.