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How to Use Post Mix Concrete

Key Benefits of Pressure Treated Fencing

Post Mix  is a very useful product and it is great to use in the garden to set gate and fence posts and a great base for paving and pathways. Used for many DIY tasks and industrial use, in this blog we explore what is post fix and how do you use it.


What is Post Mix?

Post mix is a readymade concrete mix which is ideal for setting timber, metal or concrete fence posts, gate posts and line posts. The mixture consists of cement and ballast and produces good quality concrete, which is fast setting so you can have your posts ready and set in no time.

At Lawsons, we offer two main types of Post Mix, which come in bags of 20kg:

Whichever you choose, both products will instantly set your post within 5 – 10 minutes.


The benefits?

Post mix is a really popular concrete product and here’s why:


Ready-made concrete such as post mix is extremely versatile and can be used for many different tasks.


Mixing your own concrete to set posts is very time consuming. By opting for ready-made post mix, you reduce the time and effort spent mixing your own. Post mix is a fast-setting formula for any job where speed is essential. In the long run, you also save costs by purchasing a ready-made formula.

More Environmentally Friendly

Post mix uses low CO2  cement. This is due to the more efficient mixing methods, which allows cement and waste productions to be kept to a minimum. This is beneficial for the environment and a great product for those who aim to be more sustainable with their methods and work.  


Any readymade post mix will be made to a high specification, so you can remain assured that the post mix you purchase from us will be of a high and consistent quality.

Improved packaging

The product can be stored outside.

How to Use Post Mix?

Now you know what post mix is and its key benefits, here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to use Post Mix. To quickly set you fence posts, you simply need to use water and the post mix. Below you can find mixing instructions for our 20kg Rapid Set Postfix.

Mixing Instructions:

  • Dig hole to correct depth and width relevant to post size
  • Fill hole approximately a third of depth with water and place post in hole
  • Pour in postmix evenly around the post until no standing water is visible
  • Position and level post as required. Setting will take place in 5 to 10 minutes
  • Do not mix postmix with water by hand or machine


Whichever post mix brand you choose, you will find full instructions on every 20kg bag of post mix to make things as easy as possible for you.


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