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How to Mend a Storm Damaged Fence

It is not uncommon for severe stormy weather to cause a great deal of damage to your property. Don’t be surprised if you are faced with several repair jobs during the colder, winter months when the wind and rain strikes your garden. Fallen trees and broken fences are frustrating and problematic, but there are measures you can take to deal with storm damage.

If you do find that poor weather has broken your fence, you must try and mend it as soon as you can. This is because wood is likely to rot when it is damp and damaged, so the problem will progress if you delay fixing it.

Once you have fixed any storm damage, it might be worth strengthening your fence so you don't suffer significant damages in the future. We've created a quick and easy guide on how to do so. Read here

Assess the Damage

Before you can attempt to fix your broken fence, you need to know what you’re dealing with. Wait for the poor weather to improve and make sure you have the right tools. On closer inspection, you may learn that your fence needs replacing altogether, rather than attempting to repair it.

Be courteous by discussing your plans with your neighbours and confirming that the fence actually belongs to you before you start amending it.

Consider Your Safety

If you are keen to repair the fence yourself, determine whether or not you will need a helping hand, as it might not be a one-man job and you want to avoid over exerting yourself.

Remember that a damaged fence could potentially be sharp and dangerous, so make sure you wear appropriate work gloves to protect your hands and check for service cables around the area.

Replace the Wooden Fence Posts

Check the broken areas of your fence using a pry bar and remove any nails using a pair of pliers. You should also take measurements of the damaged area, so that you know how much replacement wood you need to buy.

After you have removed the damaged wooden posts, replace them with new posts by fitting them correctly in the gap. Make sure the new posts are level and hammer them to the frame of the fence.

Once the posts are firmly fitted you may want to paint them, however, bear in mind that this is optional. Choose a high quality paint that matches the original colour and allow it to dry thoroughly. Protective treatment is also something you can consider, as it can help prolong the life of your fence by defending it against fungi and insects.