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How Can I Make my Fence Stronger?

Why Treating Fence Panels is so Important

Do you have a strong fence? Maintaining your garden fence is extremely important. For starters, it is your main line of outdoor security against potential intruders. Your fence can also offer great protection against the effects of the weather as well as being an aesthetically pleasing garden feature. So how can you make your fence stronger?

Read on for some helpful advice.

Treatment & Protection

As a general rule, the better you look after your fence, the longer it will last. It is important that all of your wooden panels are protected from the elements by making the most of wood oils and preservers. 

Re-treating the wood in question every couple of years can really help to prevent long-lasting damage to your fencing, and create a fantastic level of protection against the element.

Posts & Repair Spurs

Fence posts often take the brunt of the weather’s impact on your garden fencing and if using timber fence posts they are usually the first component to give way to rotting. So make sure you always apply the same treatment to your timber fence posts as well – the treatment will provide the same levels of weather protection to your posts as it does to your panels!

If your fence posts do need reinforcement, these products offer two solutions for repairing a leaning fence, either a Concrete Spur, which can be bolted to an existing timber post and concreted in, or a Metal Spur, which can be driven in and another post inserted and bolted to the original. 

Scorpion Clips

To stop the movement of individual fence panels when slotted into concrete posts we recommend supreme scorpion fence panel clips as they are very cost effective and easily installed. 

You don’t want to wake up one morning and find that your fence has fallen over, blown away or fallen into your favourite prized flowerbed! They are easily installed onto the fence; the spring tail locks the panel securely which prevents lifting as well as stopping any rattling. We recommend 4 clips per panel or a minimum of 2.

Hopefully the above provides you with a good insight into making your fence stronger!