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4 Essential Tools for Installing a Fence

4 Essential Tools for Installing a Fence

When beginning a DIY fence installation, you will find that there are many fencing tools you will need to ensure a strong and sturdy fence. But what are the most essential tools you need to make your DIY fence installation experience a complete breeze? Read on below to find our top 4 fencing tools picks, which we think can’t be missed…  


Fencers Grafts

Lawsons Fencers Grafts

To ensure you have a fence that will be strong, long lasting and withstand all kinds of weather conditions, you need to ensure that the foundations of your fencing are secure. Fence posts are necessary to support and hold your fence panels in place. For a solid stable fence, your fence posts need to be well installed. Always remember to follow the 2ft rule (600mm) – fence posts must be set 2ft (600mm) in the ground.

The best tool to use when digging the holes in the ground is the Fencers Graft. A fencers graft is created for fencers. It is a heavy-duty digger and a metal fencing spade for digging out post holes. Fencers grafts are designed to save upper body movement and avoid bending when digging and helps create a more efficient digging technique. Fencers graft is the ideal digging tool for making deep but narrow holes required for installing fence posts. The narrow shape and small face of the spade allows fencers to quickly dig downwards the perfect shape of a post hole.

Built for digging fence post holes, we certainly add the fencers graft in our essentials tool list for fencing.

Sitemate Breaker Bar - Chisel & Point Crowbar 

Lawsons breaker bar

The Sitemate chisel and point crowbar is used to cut through roots and the point end for breaking up concrete. It is ideal to help support digging posts in hard and tough grounds or tight spaces. This fencing tool is designed to break out even the toughest stones or concrete aiding the digging of a fence post hole.   

Alongside the fencers graft, we think the chisel and point crowbar deserves a place in our essentials toolbox due to its solid design.   


Post Fix

Lawsons PostFix

Using ready-to-use pre-mixed Post Fix is an essential on our list and an extremely popular product due its versatile and high-quality features. Post mix is a readymade concrete mix which is ideal for setting timber, metal or concrete fence posts, gate posts and line posts. The mixture consists of cement and ballast and produces good quality concrete, which is fast setting so you can have your posts ready and set in no time. All you need to do is simply pour the post mix mixture straight from the bag into the post hole and just add water! Post fix is available at Lawsons in bags of 20kg.  

Being a fencers favourite, this essential tool will have your fence post set in under 10mins!


String Line

Lawsons string line

When erecting any fencing, you want to make sure that your newly built fence and posts are straight. String line is the perfect tool to help you mark out your fence line and keep the fence line straight.  Use the string line with pegs from the starting to the finishing point to ensure a straight fence line. Pulling string tightly between two points is known to be the best way to build a fence straight and true. Make sure the entire line is a clear of obstructions and excavate the ground as much as possible.

Another reason why we’re putting string line in our top 4 essentials tool list is because string line is useful to keep all your fence post the same height across the fence. You may find that if you have a sloped ground, you will have to dig your posts at different heights in the ground. Use string line as a guide to keep all posts heights consistent and in line.    


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