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5ltr Wintamix Chloride Free Frostproofer & Mortar Plasticiser Feb
5ltr Wintamix Chloride Free Frostproofer & Mortar Plasticiser Feb

Feb 5ltr Wintamax is a liquid based admixture which combines double action frostproofer and air entraining mortar. Designed for application throughout the winter period as well as in sub-zero conditions. Increases the workability of mortar and improves the resistance to frost in hardened and wet states.




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Density1.2g / cm³
ph Value8.5 - 10.5
Size5 Litres (5ltr)

Features & Benefits

  • Increases frost resistance during setting
  • Faster finishing times - even in cold weather
  • Improves workability
  • Easier and faster to spread mortar
  • Remains plastic for longer
  • Promotes higher strength at an early stage
  • Non-corrosive to embedded metals
  • Economical
  • Cuts labour costs, less materials used
  • Less waste
  • Does not contribute to efflorescence
  • Reduces bleed or segregation


  • Great mortar admixture for the winter period
  • Air entraining qualities improve the workability of bricklaying mortars to work at optimum rates
  • Frost proof to accelerate setting time
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