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What to consider when planning a driveway

What to consider when planning a driveway

Creating a paved driveway has become a popular choice for many homeowners across the UK as having a quality paved driveway will instantly enhance the aesthetics of your home and will give a strong first impression for any guests arriving at your place where you live and for those passing by.

By updating or creating a new driveway, you can easily frame the outside of your home in the style that you want, make a change to the appearance of your home and also the functionality of the approach. In this blog we explore key factors you should consider when planning a new driveway…


The style and practical requirements of your new driveway

The first thing to consider when planning a driveway can be split into two considerations – the practicality and the intentions for it. Factors such as, what is the purpose of the driveway? To park your cars (especially for growing families), or do you have regular guests and how many people live at your home. You may also need consider any reduced mobility factors, or a driveway which is easy to maintain due to a busy lifestyle.

Whatever the reason, be sure to think these through before starting on your new driveway project. You may also want to consider the style of driveway and how it will look like. Do you want a tarmac or gravel surfaces or perhaps you’re interested in block paving to create a unique design for your driveway.


Modern or Traditional Driveway?

Whether you go for a more traditional or modern style driveway, this will always be determined by the style of your home. To achieve a classic look, you can opt for natural stone paving or concrete block paving. Opting for paving will allow you to become creative with the design of your driveway.

For a more contemporary design, consider paving with simplistic style such as the Marshalls SYMPHONY PLUS Urban, which has stunning aesthetics and coloured paving to provide a more pleasing setting to any contemporary garden design.



Think about your budget. But in general terms the cost of a new driveway usually is dependent on the size of the area, the preparation, materials you choose to use, and the labour work required for installation.  If you’re looking for a unique laying of your paving, this will certainly add to the cost.



When installing a new driveway, you should consider drainage within the driveway design. Drainage will also influence the type of materials you choose. Generally, the surface area of your driveway will impact the type of drainage you require.

At Lawsons, we have a few types of paving options, which are ideal for those looking for more sustainable and well-balanced driveway designs. Our leading supplier, Marshalls, offer a revolutionary patented permeable block paving that is a sustainable urban drainage system for driveways. Permeable paving allows excess water to make its way into the natural soil or ground without the need of membranes, tanks or soakaways.

You can also consider the Driveline Block Paving which is a practical drainage product with a textured finish. It is designed to navigate water to a nearby soakaway and suitable for a variety of textured patio and driveway products.


Do I need Planning Permission?

There is a Driveway legislation, which has been implemented to reduce the impact of flooding. A new driveway which is over 5m2 must have a drainage system in place for water to run to an absorbent area. If this isn’t possible, then you will need to get planning permission.  We always advise checking with your local authority for advice before building the new driveway.



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