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Why choose Permeable Block Paving

Why choose Permeable Block Paving

In recent times, it has become more noticeable that more and more homeowners are opting to construct car parking areas within their properties and off the road. The desire to have driveways to park vehicles, does however come with potential environmental consequences. When there is heavy or sustained rainfall our drainage systems can become clogged and cause devastating flooding.

This has led the Government to make changes to its legislation and it is becoming increasingly important to focus on sustainable and well-balanced driveway designs such as permeable block paving. Here at Lawsons, we take such environmental factors seriously and are pleased to offer our customers a range of sustainable driveway designs (SUDS), which is supplied by our leading paving supplier Marshalls.

Marshalls revolutionary patented permeable block paving is a sustainable urban drainage system for driveways. Permeable paving allows excess water to make its way into the natural soil or ground without the need of membranes, tanks or soakaways.

Read on below to find the top benefits and why permeable block paving is the way forward.

No planning permission required 

Yes, you read that right, if you’re considering using permeable block paving materials to create your dream driveway, then planning permission is not required. This is because permeable paving manages driveway draining by allowing surface water to pass through the joints directly into the grounds below, therefore not overloading the drains and reducing flood risk.

Reduction of puddles by natural drainage 

You may find on some days after a rainfall there is puddle or standing water on your driveway and this is hard to prevent. However, if you opt for permeable paving you may find a reduction in puddles and standing water, which supports natural drainage. This is possible through the laying process, where tiny voids are created to allow water to pass through.

Natural filtration 

When permeable paving allows water to return to the ground, a natural filtration takes place, which removes any pollutants and contaminations from the rain water and helps to eliminate water pollution.

Prevents floods 

By absorbing water rather than directing it to draining or allowing it to build up on top of the surface, permeable paving can help support to prevent flooding.  

Natural and sustainable materials 

Permeable paving can be made from natural and recyclable materials, which makes it a great choice for those modern homeowners looking for ways to make their driveways more sustainable.     

It’s just as eye catching as traditional paving options

Just because its sustainable, doesn’t mean permeable paving options can’t be stunning as traditional paving options. Our Marshalls permeable paving range consists of stunning designs that will enhance your driveway and your home. Below you can view our stunning range:

Drivesett Argent Priora:

Drivesett Argent Permeable Paving is designed to enable rainwater to percolate directly into the ground below and has all the design appeal of a contemporary granite-look and is available with a wide range of coordinating, walling and edging features.

Drivesett Argent Permeable Paving

Drivesett Tegula Priora:

Drivesett Tegula Priora is a versatile permeable solution with an aged and authentic look. It is renowned for its lasting high-quality look, whilst featuring an elegant time-worn appearance.

Drivesett Tegula Priora 

Driveline Priora: 

The affordable permeable driveway solution, which is available in a range of attractive and popular colour options to enhance every home.

Driveline Priora 


Versatile and hardwearing, Grassguard is a great addition to block paved driveways, where only occasional parking is required. Grassguard deals with rainfall run off in a sustainable way and retains all the environmental benefits of a natural grass area.

Grassguard block

Grassguard Driveway