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Top Tips for a Weed Free Garden

Top Tips for a Weed Free Garden

Anyone who has spent time gardening or landscaping will understand just how irritating weeds can be! Spending long periods of time can be tedious, time consuming and a lot of hard work. So what is the best way to get rid of weeds from our gardens? Read our list of top tips to help keep your garden in perfect condition this summer!

Use Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is specially designed to use on your flower beds, along paths and under decking to stop weeds in their tracks. The fabric allows air, water and nutrients to filter through to the soil but stops anything unwanted growing through. Take a look at our range of drainage membranes and weed control membranes to ensure you can enjoy your beautiful, weed-free garden without hours of pruning!

Wait for the weather

Ever heard of the old saying ‘pull when wet; hoe when dry’? It is easy to assume that sunny weather is the best condition for gardening however there are some situations that we should wait for the rain for. Weeding is one of them. You will find it a lot easier to pull out those unwanted weeds from your garden when the soil is damp and loose.

Take shortcuts when needed!

It’s always best to remove weeds from the root to ensure they do not grow back and haunt you later on. However we understand that this is not always possible! Sometimes you do not have the time, tools or energy to do a thorough job but doing something is always better than nothing. Cut the heads off of the weeds with some secateurs or poor boiling water over the cracks in pavements to remove those that are hard to get to. Another pain free way to remove weeds is to them with a plastic bag or a mat for a few weeks to starve them of sun and water.

If you have any tips or tricks that you have discovered we would love to hear about them! Tweet us your best ones today!