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Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is designed for use on flower beds, borders, under decking, and along paths to allow water, air, and nutrients to filter through to the soil but block weeds from growing. It’s perfect for use in new gardens with a lot of woody shrubs, homes where pets like to dig through the garden (spoiling your efforts), and homes on hillsides where soil erosion is having an impact.

Lawsons’ geotextiles are a favourite of professional landscapers and hobbyists alike – we are proud to offer excellent quality at extremely competitive prices across a range of fabric sizes and types. Our range of landscape fabrics includes weed control membranes as well as stabilising and drainage membranes. We also stock wood mulch to secure your fabric in place, provide plants with nutrients, or just act as a weed deterrent by itself – at least 3” is best to keep the material in place and to provide a small allowance for when the mulch breaks down.

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You can use our landscape fabric anywhere in your garden, including directly under turf, to keep it looking good with minimal effort. Enjoy a beautiful, weed-free garden without hours of pruning or adding unnecessary chemicals to your soil. You can place your order online, over the phone, or visit your local Lawsons branch if you have any questions. Orders are dispatched from your local Lawsons branch for prompt delivery – we can even arrange next day delivery upon request.