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Making the Most of Your Small Garden

Making the Most of Your Small Garden

Having a compact garden often means you never know what you can and can’t do in such a small space, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this guide we’ll show you how to make the most of a small part of your home that doesn’t break the bank.

Balcony Garden Ideas

If you own an apartment and only have a communal space, you could look to add some character to your balcony. Add plant towers or vertical planters to the edges of your balcony to encourage growth around the building and to reduce the level of carbon dioxide surrounding your home and to improve biodiversity.

If there’s space to add a table and chairs, make them the statement piece of the balcony. Add some small touches that make it your own, like candles or solar panelled lights to bring ambience to your evenings. 

If you live close to other residents that have balconies, consider adding a small fence for privacy. You could also add planters here to allow them to grow through the gaps in the fence for added characters.

Balconies can easily become little havens and a defining area of your apartment by making it a place to eat or socialise in the evenings or to bring horticulture into your home without the need for a huge space.

Front garden ideas

Some homes don’t have a backyard at all and look to make the most of what they have in the front area of their house. It’ll depend on what space you have at the front of your home - whether it’s used as a drive or is completely paved for example - but it can always be accentuated with key features.

If you have a gate to your home, consider painting it in a bright colour to bring it to life. From a brilliant white to a defining red, experiment with colours before committing to your chosen gate colour.

Consider adding flower features to the walls by using hangers or containers that can be continuously changed with the seasons. These are great if you have an entirely paved front garden and are looking to keep it that way. And adding a bench to this area if it is full of paving or pebbles can also bring a new area you can use from time to time.

Small back garden ideas

With the pandemic showing us that we take the spaces we have for granted, a lot of us are inspired to revamp the garden space they have. If you have a townhouse you have to be a bit more imaginative with your space, often using fully paved areas or small patches of grass to personalise your garden space.

You could look to add a small pond to your garden to promote more wildlife to your space. Surround this pond with an abundance of plants to attract more interest from animals and insects. This can be a defining feature of your garden, even more so if you’re able to add a set of chairs and a table that can rest on a back wall or fence.

Huge accent plants can also work to add a makeshift path across a garden, or consider adding a greenhouse to make some of your own vegetables or herbs on site to use in the kitchen!

When dealing with a whole range of ideas you could add to your garden try to add accent pieces to your garden to make a statement. These areas of the garden can help your small garden actually feel bigger than it is; why not experiment with yours?

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