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Important Advice: Installing Trex Decking

Important Advice: Installing Trex Decking

Trex decking is renowned for its stunning aesthetics, durability and simple maintenance. In fact, Trex has been crowned the number 1 decking brand, helping homeowners create a striking garden sanctuary. If you have a landscaping project on the horizon and you’re planning to install Trex decking, you might find the following advice helpful.

Mix and Match the Boards

Before you start installing your Trex decking, it’s worth mixing the boards on the job site to help ensure the combination of colours and tones all complement each other. Line up the boards by placing light tones and dark tones together; you’ll notice a random pattern will appear. Think of this as a necessary test run.

Consider Your Safety

When installing your new decking it’s important to wear safety equipment, such as glasses, gloves and dust masks. It’s also worth wearing something that has long sleeves to protect your arms. Since Trex decking is much heavier than wood, you must not try and lift the same quantity.

Leave Gaps

Both width-to-width and end-to-end gapping is highly important where Trex decking is concerned. This is because it helps with drainage during rainy seasons. It also leaves space for any thermal expansion and contraction of the boards, which is particularly important in environments where the temperature is prone to quick and severe changes.

Additional Tips

To avoid any mishaps, here are some additional tips that you might find useful when installing your Trex decking:

  • Install wiring for your lights before installing the decking and railing.
  • Use soap and water to clean your Trex decking.
  • Cut both ends of decking before installation to guarantee a good square edge.
  • Seek additional advice if you’re planning to install a fire pit, pergola or hot tub.

If you need any help with the installation or maintenance of your Trex decking, please feel free to contact us and a member of our expert time will be able to give you some additional advice.