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Garden Trends for 2020

Garden Trends for 2020

Over the last decade we have seen gardening rise in popularity, with many homeowners taking a great degree of interest in improving their backyard for a more enjoyable and comfortable home living space. Whether you’re looking to renovate your garden or complete those gardening jobs you planned years ago, read our blog to explore what we expect will be hot for gardens trends this year.

Sustainable gardens are the way forward! 

Whilst having sustainable gardens is nothing new, it is a trend which continues to rise as environmental awareness increases around the globe. Those looking to do some DIY gardening projects this year should consider sustainable gardening solutions. 

There are many ways to be more sustainable in your garden, and as a starting point you can begin by purchasing fencing and timber products, which have been responsibly sourced. Here at Lawsons we aspire to adopt and apply the principles of sustainable development and are pleased to continue to supply timber products which are environmentally and ethically sourced. This is backed by being involved and certified by the FSC and PEFC.

You can view our Environmental Policy Statement here.

Grow your own fresh vegetables! 

Growing your own greens is undoubtedly a garden trend we think will be trending this year. By growing your own produce, you will continue to support the environment and help by reducing plastic waste. Moreover, try to organically grow your vegetables by using no pesticides and herbicide, to reduce water and air pollution. While growing your fresh produce at home is eco-friendly, its also cheaper and will save you money in the long run. 

Why not create a raised sleeper bed to grow your vegetables? Not only do they look great, but they are simple and easy to build. Find out how to build by viewing our DIY Raised Garden Beds blog here

Artificial Grass 

Artificial grass continues to creep up in gardening trends as many more people include this into their garden designs and we reckon its here to stay for 2020. There are many benefits to considering artificial grass such as it is low maintenance and requires no mowing, fertilising, reseeding or watering. Browse through our artificial grass range now.

Water features in the garden

Incorporating a water feature in your garden might just be the thing for 2020. Experts have suggested that the presence and sound of water in the garden is refreshing and relaxing. More and more landscapers are turning their gardens into a place for relaxation and including a water feature is part of the plan. Water features can include adding a bird bath, a water foundation.


Low Maintenance 

If you’re new to gardening, then opting for a low maintenance garden might be just the right choice for you and it doesn’t have to be simple or boring. A low maintenance garden is a great and easy way to refresh your garden. Here’s a few tips on how:

  • Have a simple, low maintenance lawn or opt for artificial grass
  • Improve your soil with compost
  • Add trellis panels to enhance the aesthetics of your fencing
  • Relax and enjoy your outdoor space this year
  • Consider adding decorative paving


We hope our recommendations help transform your outdoors and encourage you to begin those 2020 garden projects you may have planned years ago and don’t forget to share your garden designs with us to be featured on Instagram @lawsons_uk