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Key Benefits of Pressure Treated Fencing

Key Benefits of Pressure Treated Fencing

Investing in pressure treated fencing will enable you to have durable and long-lasting fencing in your garden. If you choose to purchase untreated fencing, you may find over time that it has become vulnerable to rot and insect attack. Pressure treated wood is the most common type of building material and is used for a variety of purposes. In this blog we explore the key advantages of opting for pressure treated fencing.


What is Pressure Treated Timber?

Pressure treated timber protects against rot, decay, insect and fungal attack. The treatment involves chemical preservatives being forced deep into the middle of the timber (not just surface coating) to ensure enhanced protection to extend the life of timber as untreated timber will decay. This treatment allows timber to be sustainable and be a prime construction material. Pressure treated timber is used for many purposes, including decking, fencing, landscaping materials (railway sleepers) and construction.  


The Benefits of Pressure Treated Fencing


Thanks to the chemical preservatives forced deep into the timber, any pressure treated fencing will be extremely durable. The chemical preservatives will help to protect the wood from decaying, rotting and any insect damage for a very long period of time. Pressure treated timber is so durable that it will survive through extreme weather conditions and still stand strong. This is an admirable feature for anyone looking for strong and long-lasting fencing. Generally, pressure treated timber will outlast everyday wear and tear.

The key highlight here is that opting for pressure treated timber will last you decades and you won’t be thinking about replacing your fencing any time soon.



While pressure treated fencing is durable, it’s also good to know that it's pretty affordable. When compared to other pressure treated woods, pressure treated fencing costs are noticeably cheaper and therefore great for those working on a low budget. Alongside being affordable, due to its treated features, you are bound to save money in the long run as you won’t need to fork out any money for any wood preservatives.


Low Maintenance

Because pressure treated fencing is durable and long lasting, it makes it low maintenance. You don’t need take time out to treat your wooden fencing as it’s already resistant to rotting or deal with any insects and pest.  You can simply install your pressure treated fencing and enjoy your beautiful fencing for months and years to come.

Also, did you know that pressure treated timber is toxic to insects, who try and bite into the wood for a long time. That’s why it’s great for fencing posts/panels as the pressure treated wood would repel any sorts of insects who will attempt to destroy your fencing. Not only will it avoid destructive insects but in the long run save you money from repair and maintenance.


Appearance of Fencing

Pressure treated fencing still looks just as good as untreated fencing. It will blend into any garden home seamlessly with a more natural look and feel to them.  


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