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How to enhance your garden with Trellis Panels

How to enhance your garden with Trellis Panels

Trellis Panels,  also known as lattice, come in various styles, shapes and sizes. Trellis is very versatile and has a variety of use in the garden. Majority of us associate Trellis with supporting a wide range of fruit, veg and plants, but it can be used for other means and can instantly enhance any garden feature.  

Read our blog below to explore different ways and the benefits of using Trellis to enhance your garden.


Use Trellis to Support Climbers

The most common use for Trellis is to support climbers. Climbing plants such as clematis and honeysuckle can enhance any garden, however, their stems are not strong enough and therefore Trellis can provide an ideal framework for such plants and help them grow.   


Use Trellis as a Standout Feature 

Trellis is a great way to create and add beautiful features in your garden. It can add significant character and design without too much effort.  When covered in climbers, these impressive outdoor features transform into striking displays.


Use Trellis for added security 

Trellis can be great for adding that extra security and privacy to your garden, you simply need to attach a trellis square on top of an existing fence. Alternately, you can purchase a traditional fence with a trellis on top and that should do the trick. Whilst Trellis is great for your garden privacy, it does also increase your fencing height, which is an extra bonus.


Use Trellis as a Divider Area for Gardens 

Trellis panels are a great way to divide parts of your own garden. If you’re looking to corner off your flowerbeds or veg patch or even a create secluded place for relaxation, then Trellis panels is just what you need.


Disguise unsightly areas 

Ever looked at your garden and found some unsightly areas which make your eyes sore? Perhaps it’s a dull brick wall or you have acquired a property that has fencing that is not to your taste? With such unsightly areas in your garden, Trellis can be quite a blessing and cover such sights. For a dull brick wall, you can use decorative trellis screens, which instantly enhances the aesthetics of your garden.     



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