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What are the Benefits of Trellis Fencing?

More often than not, homeowners consider their gardens to be a place of peace and sanctuary, particularly as the warmer weather approaches and the clocks jump forward, making it lighter for longer. It won’t be long before we’re spending our evenings out in the garden, entertaining guests or simply relaxing. In fact, it is for this reason that this time of year has become a popular season for sprucing up our gardens, making our homes look just as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside.

Trellis fencing is extremely popular and actually dates back to Roman times, where it was used to decorate and divide outdoor environments. It is not only great for security and privacy purposes, but it also adds a touch of character to your garden.

Strong trellis offers great support for beautiful climbing plants, such as roses, making a charming and elegant addition to your garden. Essentially, trellis is a stylish and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional fencing, which is often quite plain. Even a simple trim across the top of your current fence can completely transform your garden.

Another popular way in which people incorporate trellis fencing into their garden is by using it as a partition. This allows you to separate another area and give the illusion of additional space. Trellis can even conceal something that you don’t want on show, such as bins or an unsightly shed.

So, whether you want a frame for your climbing plants, a privacy screen from your neighbours or you simply want to make your garden look nicer, trellis fencing is the ideal choice. At Lawsons, we stock trellis panels in a variety of sizes and designs, to suit the needs of each individual customer, which is why we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.