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A Guide to Decorative Fencing

Key Benefits of Pressure Treated Fencing

Decorative fencing are fence panels constructed from all round timber and are designed to create a unique feature in your garden. In this blog, we will explore decorative fencing in further detail.


What is decorative fencing?

Decorative fence panels are popular among homeowners who would like to create a feature out of their fence and provide privacy and security without sacrificing their garden’s aesthetics. It can be used to create stunning and effortless borders or screen off parts of your garden for entertainment areas. Our decorative fence panels are manufactured using high quality timber from well managed forests, to ensure high, consistent, long lasting panels.

While enhancing the aesthetics of your garden, it is important to realise that decorative fencing comes in both traditional and modern styles to compliment many house types.


Why pick decorative fencing instead of standard fencing?

There are many reasons why you should consider decorative fencing and here’s why:

  • Decorative fencing adds character to your garden, creating a unique feature in your garden. Fencing doesn’t have to plain and boring and for those who don’t want to compromise on the appearance of their fencing, decorative panels are your answer.
  • Privacy isn’t a concern – you can have best of both with decorative fencing: security and appearance. Your fencing can look as good as the rest of your garden and still provide the essential privacy you require.
  • There’s a panel for modern and traditional homes – with so many options available, you’ll easily find a design and style to suit your home.


What types of decorative fencing does Lawsons offer?

We stock a number of decorative fencing options, including trellis-topped fences that offer additional screening and the opportunity to cultivate plants along your garden’s borders as well. In addition to our San Remo, Madrid, and Milano collections, we also offer matching gates to allow access that compliments your fencing.

Below you can find our top decorative fencing picks to help you get started with choosing the right fencing for your home.


Sussex Wave 

The Sussex Wave fence panel is  one of our popular decorative fence panels. With its gentle wave of trellis at the top, to the elegant finishing on all the boards, the Sussex Wave is an appealing option for most gardens.


San Remo 

The San Remo creates an elegant and striking garden boundary. This elegant fence panel comes with a decorative arch made of solid wood, frame elements connected in tongue and groove technology for extra durability. It is constructed from treated planed all round timber within a 35mm thick frame and are designed to create a unique feature in your garden.   


The Madrid is a chevron style continental fence panel and it is perfect to create neighbour boundaries as both aspects of the panel are identical and can be appreciated equally from both sides. The Madrid fencing range is an attractive style and great for those looking for privacy too.  


The Milano fencing is popular horizontally boarded flat top continental fence panel. It provides a distinctive look to any garden, offering complete privacy. It is pressure treated timber to enhance the look and increase durability.


The Verona fence panel is a simple and elegant flat panel constructed from solid wood. The tongue and groove technology ensures solid and efficient performance. It also features an open slatted top for extra aesthetics.

Contemporary Double Slatted  

The Contemporary double slatted panel is an elegant and flat panel, constructed from solid wood. It is the perfect panel for sectioning off a garden whilst creating a modern visually stunning space.  

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