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Engineered wood flooring is manufactured using multiple layers of wood, with a hardwood top level surface. It looks identical to solid wood flooring and is usually completely indistinguishable from the solid alternative – however, you benefit from ease of installation, lower cost, and a more environmentally friendly home.

Lawsons’ engineered flooring can be used on any storey, with any heating type. It’s perfect for underfloor heating systems since it allows heat to penetrate the wood more quickly so you spend less on your heating bills. It is also more tolerant of changes in air humidity and temperature, meaning that your floor is far less likely to change, warp, or gap over time.

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Engineered flooring is more environmentally friendly than both solid wood flooring and laminate because a lot of the material used within it is a by-product of other wood manufacturing processes – this means that less wood is ultimately used for the same flooring area.

A new engineered floor is easy to install for both tradesmen and amateur DIY-ers. Most engineered systems use a familiar tongue-and-groove system rather than requiring professional installation every time.

The real wood top layer means that you get the warmth and texture you associate with a real wood flooring with none of the draw backs. Our flooring materials are built to last and withstand years while looking great.

This page features just a small fraction of Lawsons’ overall flooring range – if you can’t find exactly what you need or would like to find out more about our range, get in touch. You can visit your local branch or even call in advance to see if we have your preferred finish and wood type in stock. If you need advice or support when making your decisions, our experienced advisers will be happy to help.