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Lawsons' Bulk Bags of Soft Sand, also known as Building Sand and Bricklaying Sand, is a washed, fine grade material usually yellow to gold in colour and suitable for bricklaying, pointing and rendering.
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Lawsons' Bulk Bags of Coarse Sharp Sand consist of a graded washed aggregate suitable for use in block laying and floor screeds.
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20mm Ballast, also known as All-in Ballast is a 50/50 mixture of sharp sand and 20mm down crushed aggregate. Used mainly for foundation work and footings, other uses include concrete driveways & paths and concreting in fence posts.
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Lawsons' Bulk Bags of 10mm Shingle, also known as Pea Shingle/Gravel is 4-10mm in size. Mainly used for bedding of drainage and piping systems, also can be used as a decorative aggregate for garden landscaping, paths & driveways. Mixed with water & sharp sand will produce a fine concrete.
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