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5ltr Rendamix
5ltr Rendamix

5 Litre Feb Rendamix is a waster reisting, retarding and plasticising admixture. Suitable for use in sand: cement rendering mortars. The product also acts as an inhibitor for effloresence.




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TypeWaterproofer & Retarder
pH value10.7-12.7
AppearanceViscous liquid/gel
Size5 Litres

Features & Benefits

  • The utilisation of Feb® Rendamix air entraining and retarding properties allows larger working areas to be covered in a single application process.
  • Significant improvement in resistance to water penetration.
  • Significant reduction in water demand of a given mix,
  • resulting in reduction in water bleed both on the
  • ‘spot board’ and in situ.
  • Improved durability.
  • Inhibits transmission of hygroscopic salts.
  • Enhances insulation properties.


As an admixture to exterior or above ground cementitious render finishes such as dashing, harling, rough cast and internally after installation of injection DPC’s.
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