Aco HexDrain Brickslot 1m Channel 319561
ACO HexDrain Brickslot
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ACO HexDrain Brickslot provides a discreet slot drainage system for domestic block paving installation and threshold drainage. Manufactured using 100% recycled polypropylene. HexDrain channel has an offset slot cover specifically designed for slab and block paving.




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Features & Benefits

  • Channels clip together for quick and simple on-site fabrication
  • Offset slot enables drainage location adjacent to walls and door thresholds for up to 60mm thick paving.
  • 10mm inlet slot tapered to prevent blockage
  • Easily cut to size.


Ideal for domestic patios, door threshold and light vehicle traffic applications such as domestic driveways.
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Aco HexDrain Accessory Bag 19287
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