600x600 50mm Council Paving Slab
600 x 600 x 50mm Council Paving Slab
The 600 x 600 x 50mm Council Paving Slab, in natural grey colour, is our most popular, cost effective, robust long lasting paving product. It has a lightly pimpled non-slip finish which makes it equally suitable for public and private pathways alike. They weigh just over 41kg so are considered a two person lift and appropriate PPE, including thick gloves, should always be worn when handling as the edges of the slab can be sharp.



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TypeCouncil Paving Slab
Dimensions600mm x 600mm


Our range of Council Paving Slabs are all British Standard compliant, hydraulically pressed concrete paving and for use when standard flag paving is required. They are manufactured using a wet pressed process in accordance with the relevant sections of BS EN 1339 Precast Concrete Flags.


They are suitable for shed bases, high volume pedestrian areas, town centres, shopping precincts and footways as well as occasional car overrun.
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