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Febmix Plus 5l
Febmix Plus 5l

Lawsons Febmix Plus is a liquid ultra stable synthetic air entraining mortar plasticiser designed to enhance the workability and freeze thaw resistance of brick and block laying mortars. It may be used to replace or supplement the use of lime, and is designed to maintain efficiency with variations in cement and aggregate sources.




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Conforms to BS EN 934-3:2009 specification for air entraining (plasticising) mortar admixtures.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra stable bubble structure.
  • Uniform air entrainment structure.
  • Works with most types of Portland Cement and difficult sands.
  • Increased resistance to damage by freeze/thaw.
  • Reduced segregation and bleed.
  • Non corrosive to embedded metals.
  • Increased working time.
  • Easier and faster mortar spread.
  • Can be used to replace lime.
  • Can be used with P.F.A. containing mortars.


  • FEBMIX PLUS is designed to be used as a mortar plasticising admixture in brick and block laying mortars.
  • The ‘micro’ air entraining properties of FEBMIX PLUS greatly improves the workability of the mortar whilst reducing water demand, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of cracking and crazing. FEBMIX PLUS will also provide enhanced resistance to frost attack in both wet and hardened mortar state.
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