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Pet Housing

Lawsons stocks a range of outdoor pet housing options, including quality wooden dog kennels and hen houses. Our pet housing is no different to our standard range of sheds in that it is designed and manufactured in the UK to high specifications, so that your pets are safe, warm, and comfortable whatever the weather.

We offer a number of dog kennels, both with and without a run, to house any sized dog. Each one is made with thick cladding and quality timber, as well as excellent ironmongery, so you don’t have to compromise on any element of your pet’s kennel.

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Kennels provide a safe and secure outdoor area for your dog in case they need to be out of the house for an extended period of time. They offer shade in the heat and shelter from cold, wind, and rain, as well as offering your dog a small place to call their own and make a den. Choosing wooden rather than chain link kennels means that your dog has further protection from the elements and a much better level of insulation within the kennel.

Choosing a kennel with a run increases the secure area that your dog can call their own – perfect for dog fosterers, organisations that need to house dogs for the short term, and for owners who want to give their pets their own section of the garden. Runs are supplied without a floor for hygiene purposes, and the entire kennel can be assembled by our installation team if you prefer.

A secure chicken coop is essential anywhere in the country, since foxes are one of the most common killers of domestic chickens. A quality hen house offers your chickens security as well as shelter from the elements. Lawsons’ top hen house features a secure, fox-proof frame and an elevated sleeping area that chickens access via a ladder, for even better safety. You can even add a nesting box or customise your hen house.