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Garden Storage

Sometimes a standard shed just isn’t enough for your needs – that’s why we have a range of specialised garden storage options to help you get bikes and tools out of the house and even help you make the garden look a little tidier. We stock a range of options, from specific bin stores and bike storage, to more general garden chests and clutterboxes that take up less space than a standard shed would.

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Secure bike storage is essential even in the safest neighbourhoods, both to deter theft and to maintain your bike’s finish while keeping it out of the way. While your bike may be your pride and joy, other family members may grow irritated with it in the house or tripping up over it in the garage. Lawsons bike stores are purpose built for bikes, with framed and braced double doors for ease of access and an apex roof to prevent water pooling.

Wood burners and open fires are a great way to warm your home in winter and create a pleasant atmosphere, but it can be difficult to find places to store logs (especially if you save money by buying in bulk). An outdoor log store is a light, small shelter where you can put your logs to dry out and keep them out of the rain, without having to sacrifice space in your main shed. A well-piled log store can even help with the look of your garden and you can easily keep track of how much wood you have at any time.

If your storage needs are a little less specific – perhaps you just want to get some items out of the house or need somewhere to put your tools – we still offer a range of shed alternatives to help you keep your home tidy and clutter-free. Take a look at our garden chests, wall sheds, and shelters below.