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Railway Sleepers Versatile and Beautiful

Sleeper Table

Railway sleepers aren’t only fabulously cheap to purchase but they’re also beautiful and there’s actually not a lot you can’t make with them. If you’re dreaming up all manner of timber based projects for the coming summer and wondering how you can afford all of those materials…look no further than railway sleepers.

We know they’re often used in gardens for building steps, making raised beds, or edging planted areas, but did you know that they also make great decking, seating, tables, and even beds and fireplaces?

Sleepers come in a variety of timbers with softwood sleepers usually being of pine or spruce and hardwood usually of oak; they also come in a variety of measurements so depending on your project, you can be pretty selective about which sleepers will be the best fit for your needs.

Given the chunky nature of used railway sleepers and the naturally weathered look they gain during their original usage, they’re perfect for creating a country-style look to your projects which you’ll never replicate with “new” timber.

In terms of their use as decking, they’re great for stacking and raising the height of a deck on sloped ground and you can use whichever timber you like the look of for your deck; pine, spruce or oak will all suit.

A cottage-style bed, chairs and table is another simple construction which even inexperienced carpenters can manage and again, railway sleepers offer a wonderfully rustic look for your DIY furniture.

Stain, paint or “wash” the finished furniture according to your taste and you’ll have a beautifully hard-wearing and personality filled talking point to add to your home.

Timber can surprisingly be a great medium for water features and railways sleepers just happen to be the perfect choice for a raised garden pond. Garden ponds that are installed on decking areas can look very stylish and they suit the country look which sleepers provide. Filled with fish and carefully arranged plants, a beautiful raised garden pond can inject a real flash of style into your outdoor seating area.

Railways sleepers are incredibly versatile and Lawsons supply everything you need to really get creative with them. Why not consider a new fireplace surround made to your own specifications and design? What about a stylish garden seating set with integral planters? The choices are endless and only your imagination is the limit.