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How to Transform Your Garden with Namgrass

Why Use Artificial Grass

Namgrass is an excellent alternative to grass if you’d like a low-maintenance lawn that looks fantastic all year round. There’s no mowing, no watering, and no mud – you can just relax on your pristine lawn and know that even if the kids are out playing on it, you won’t have mud dragged across your carpets.

It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and you can opt for professional installation if you prefer. If you’re a little more hands-on, here are the last instructions you’ll need for your lawn. Once installed, Namgrass comes with a minimum of a 10 year warranty, so you won’t need to work on it again for at least a decade.

How to Install Namgrass

Installing Namgrass is quick and easy. It can take anything from a few hours to around 24 hours, depending on the weather conditions and the size of your lawn. Here’s a video to take you through the process and help you create a lawn that looks perfect in every season.

The first step is to dig up your existing lawn and edge the area – you can use timber, concrete, brick, or even metal edging systems to contain your new lawn. Once that’s been installed, you’ll need to lay the base. If you need to build up a lot, it’s best to use heavy gauge type 1 material, but in most instances you can use fine type 1 – rake and level it before compacting to make sure that you have an even surface.

Once your base is ready, spray it with water to reduce dust and lay a weed membrane over the whole area to prevent weeds from growing through. Then you should roll out your new grass so that the sides overlap the entire area. Leave it for an hour or so to acclimatise and settle.

If you need to join your Namgrass (which is common if with larger gardens), fold the sides together and count in 4 stitches. Cut between the stitch lines and bring both sides together until they’re around 1-2mm apart and the join is invisible from a distance. Once you’re happy with how that looks, put jointing tape shiny side up underneath the join and apply your adhesive. Then carefully fold the grass down onto the tape and walk over it to compress.

Finally, cut around any obstacles and along the edges, taking your time to ensure a good fit. You’ll need to let your lawn settle to again and leave the glue to cure, which will take 2-24 hours depending on the weather.

You’re almost finished now! You just need to add the top sand and brush up the grass to finish. Applying top sand stabilises the grass and makes it more durable – it’s best to use around 5kg of kiln dried sand per square metre. Then just brush up the pile to settle the sand and get your lawn looking its best. The video uses a mechanical brush but you can use a broom if you don’t have one.

Then all you need to do is admire and enjoy your new fuss-free lawn.