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How to Safely Remove Ice & Snow from your Decking

How to Safely Remove Ice & Snow from your Decking

If you want to use your decking area throughout the winter, or you need to access your garden via your decking, then you will need to prevent it from becoming icy and dangerous throughout the winter months.

Timber decking is very durable and easy to install, offering a safe and simple way to cross the boundary between indoor and outdoor space. Our Swedish softwood decking is all treated with preservative to add longevity, and lined with grooves to reduce slipperiness in all weather.

Composite decking is an excellent, low maintenance alternative to timber – it’s great for families with children who need a non-slip surface, or just people who want a low maintenance garden.

Whether you have timber or composite decking in your home, here are our top tips for safely removing ice and snow, without causing any damage…

Keep it clean

Before the bad weather sets in, make sure you clear off any leaves or debris from your decking. If it is timber decking, now is a good time to add a layer of an anti-slip coating. This will prevent water from penetrating into the boards, making them easier to keep free of snow and ice throughout the winter.

Install anti-slip mats

It is a good idea to add additional anti-slip protection to your decking. A simple way to do this is by adding mats to the steps of your decking – these are available as stick-on or screw down strips. The screw down option usually has a longer life than the stick on strips, especially in high traffic areas.

Removing ice & snow

You must be very careful when you are removing ice and snow, particularly from timber decking in order not to cause any damage. Try to brush the snow off with a broom and only use a plastic shovel (not a metal one) to ensure the surface of your decking isn’t scratched or dented.

If you are struggling to brush or shovel the ice and snow, you can try pouring hot water onto it. This should help it to melt down for easier removal.

Do not use salt! This may be safe to use on some composite decks, but it can damage timber decking.