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How to Ensure Your Decking is Safe

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In light of May being Deck Safety Month, we here at Lawsons wanted to take the opportunity to give you some advice about your decking so that you stay safe over summer. Deck Safety Month was started by the North American Deck and Railing Association as a way to create awareness of some of the minor things that can often go unnoticed during deck maintenance. They say that if your deck is over 30 years old, you should definitely be concerned. So, here are some things you should look out for next time you're out doing some garden maintenance.

If you're lucky enough to have decking in your garden, whether it's simple and straightforward or really fancy, it's important to make sure it's all under control; especially if you have little ones running around. The wind and rain of winter may have caused some damage here and there, so make sure you assess your decking to check that the wood and metal is all in good condition still. Look for signs of rot because it can become a structural threat. Even if your deck was built to the highest standard, wear and tear can still happen, so be thorough with your assessment.

Give the railing a good shake to make sure it's still firmly in place. Any loose connections can be easily fixed with some pilot holes and galvanised lag screws. Replace any missing, loose or rusty nails and give your decking a good, thorough clean. You might need to call a professional for some deck maintenance support, but it's important to do so for the safety of everyone who's going to be using the decking. In fact, it's actually worth having your deck inspected once every few years.