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Do It Yourself Landscaping

Do It Yourself Landscaping

Gardening can be intimidating if you’re not an experienced horticulturist and let’s face it, not many people are.

That doesn’t change the fact that gardening is one of the most satisfying and healthy hobbies out there and many people would love to get involved in the beautification of their garden.

Even if you only have a small plot, you can still fully-engage in gardening and create a wonderful outdoor space to enjoy all year round.

Aim for All-Year-Round Colour

Make sure that you have some gorgeous plants and flowers to admire no matter what the season. Summer isn’t the only time for colour in the garden and autumn and winter can yield some lovely results in the form of berries and coloured foliage.

Formal isn’t Always Necessary

Flower beds don’t have to consist of regimented rows of flowers neatly arranged in size order. Wild flowers can be planted in glorious muddles and of course, this is great for local bees.

If you’re a fan of formal, why not incorporate a ‘wild corner’ in your garden just to attract bees and butterflies? They do an important job and will only add more colour to your space.

Hardscape Adds Style

Hardscape includes fences, paths, walls, rockeries – anything of that nature which you can build and add yourself easily.

Think of your garden as different ‘zones’. You might want a relaxing zone, somewhere to just sit and enjoy the weather – this would be a good place for a deck. Then you may want a water feature, this might be best situated where you can see if from inside the house adding beauty in more than one area.

When planning your garden, make sketches and look at pictures of gardens which inspire you, note the colours and plants which are included in these so that you can replicate them in your own.

Add Garden Art

Garden art is becoming more and more popular and you can buy various beautiful pieces in garden centres and galleries or, if you’re the creative type, you can make your own.

From statues to metal screens and from hanging lights to gnomes, all can be considered art. The main thing to remember is to choose things which you find inspiring and lovely.

Some DIY garden art projects include ideas such as repurposing old china into water features, this is easy to do with a simple pump and a large, old container such as a barrel or vintage bucket.

Or making your own garden sculpture from old furniture and using it as a planter. Chairs and old cabinets can be used as creative planters to great effect.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to overhaul your garden and recycling is always good!