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Lawsons are the largest independent timber, building & fencing merchants in London and the South East of England. Established in 1921 Lawsons now have a number of branches offering the complete range of building materials.

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Decking Tips and Tricks

A beautiful decked area can really transform your garden as well as your lifestyle. Adding to the value of your home and to the practicality of your outdoor space at once, a timber deck is a must-have even for those with small gardens. The freedom to sit and relax or to entertain outdoors in a stylish and attractive area is a real pleasure once the warmer months arrive.

Expanding your home outwards with minimum cost and fuss, decks are not too difficult to install if you have good basic DIY skills but whether you choose to do the work yourself or not, the care and sealing of your deck is all-important when it comes to extending its life for as long as possible.

Staining and sealing your new deck

Brand new decking which has been pre-treated will need to be kept clean and will also need to be coated with a sealing product or stain to help preserve and protect the timber.

Some clear sealants may be used immediately on new, treated decking while other oil-based sealant manufacturers recommend that you wait for around 2 months so the timber has a chance to ‘weather’ a little.

The best thing to do is to choose your sealant in advance and check the instructions.

If you’re confused about the various treatments available for decking, here’s a cheat sheet.

  • Oil based sealant: Oil based sealants are manufactured with protective resins, usually from natural sources such as linseed.
  • Stains: Stains are thin and watery – unlike paint they don’t chip and they are available in a wide variety of natural colours. The stain soaks into the timber and provide not only a great aesthetic but also some protection from UV rays.
  • Paint: Not usually recommended for decking because of high traffic; paint will require very regular maintenance to ensure it stays looking good and once the paint is on, it’s very tricky to remove.

Long term deck care

Living in a damp climate certainly means that you will need to invest some time in the care of your deck but it needn’t be so regular that it becomes a real chore.

As the seasons turn, be sure to give your deck a once-over. Check for damage, warping, mould or mildew and if you see real problems then it might be time to give your deck a facelift.

Otherwise, all you need to do is to apply a commercial deck cleaner around twice per year. Specialist commercial deck cleaners really work out the accumulated muck and it’s a satisfying job because once the cleaner has ‘cured’ for an hour or two, the dirt just sweeps right off!

Your deck will provide you with many years of pleasure for only a little work in return. Visit Lawsons today to see a comprehensive range of decking boards and decking supplies.