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Build a Sandpit for the Kids

Sandbox Banner

If you don’t live near the beach but still want the kids to enjoy making sandcastles, creating a sandpit is an easy and safe way to let them indulge and keep them entertained in the summer. You don’t have the risks you do in communal sandpits of having rubbish (or worse) in the sand, and can make it as big or as small as you want depending on the size of your garden.

All you need is:

Creating your sandbox is relatively simple, and should just take an afternoon.

  1. Measure out your area and cut the sleepers to fit: it’s best to at least use the length of the railway sleepers to cut down on sawing. You may need to cut one of the sleepers in half to make the shorter edges of your sandpit if you don’t want a square.
  2. Seal the ends of the cut sleepers with wood preserver.
  3. Put the edges of your sandbox together and make sure you’re happy with their positions and size. Then dig out the area for your sandbox, removing around 25-30mm of soil. Remove any stones and make sure it’s smooth and safe.
  4. Put your sleepers around along the edges of your dug-out area (they should be within the dug out rectangle, not outside it) and use the spirit level to check that they’re not tilting. 
  5. Remove the sleepers and cover the bottom of your sandpit with weed fabric, to prevent anything growing through the sand. You can secure the fabric with nails if you’d like, but laying sleepers on it should keep it in place.
  6. Put your sleepers back into position, making sure not to knock the edges of the weed fabric, and screw them into place to secure them. Make sure that the screws are recessed to prevent scraps and avoid problems with sanding.
  7. Sand down the corners and edges of the sleepers to keep them smooth and avoid scrapes or splinters.
  8. Fill your pit with sand, and let the kids try it out! You may want to use a cover for it for when it’s not in use to avoid leaves filling the pit or attracting the local cats. Tarp is the cheaper solution, or you can use plywood for something solid.