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Are You Considering Railway Sleepers in your Garden Makeover?

Are You Considering Railway Sleepers in your Garden Makeover?

Garden design is currently more innovative and creative than it’s ever been before. Thanks to a huge interest in gardening programmes on television, more and more people are realising that they can self-design an amazing space in their own gardens and also that the materials necessary are readily available.

Once upon a time, gardens generally followed the same fashions and trends. Traditional planting and ornaments were the way forward and people rarely shifted from what was the accepted style.

Today, thanks to a huge increase in travel and of course media, people have more influences and ideas than ever before and aren’t afraid to be a little different.

Materials are more affordable and easily sourced too…we don’t have to stick to the same local suppliers either! Online ordering and easy delivery makes more choice possible for everyone.

Railway sleepers are a great example of these readily available and versatile materials. Now easy to purchase either new or reclaimed, there are multiple ways in which you can utilise them for a completely new look in your garden.

Some people prefer a rustic, vintage look and so always look for reclaimed sleepers whilst others look for new railway sleepers as they are safe to use when creating vegetable gardens due to the fact that they have not been treated with creosote.

Remember to check if your sleepers are new or reclaimed if you plan to use them in building a vegetable garden. Other applications are varied and for those it’s generally fine to use reclaimed sleepers.

If you want your sleepers to be utilised in the building of steps, borders or planters for non-edibles, then it will be safe to use either new or reclaimed sleepers. Both are suitable and it just depends on your preference.

Timber looks great in the garden; a natural material which makes for a great canvas, your plants and flowers will stand out against the attractive grain and colours of railway sleepers, creating a beautiful frame for them.

An incredibly versatile material, railway sleepers can even be used to build terraces, sculptural features and arches. They can be added to decks as borders or to create decorative features.

Check out some of the amazing ideas out there and look at your options for new or reclaimed railway sleepers…what could your garden look like with a new terrace or raised garden beds?

Is there a blank or ugly spot in your garden? Look at the area and then using online resources, try to find a similar spot in someone else’s garden design…what are the possibilities? Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to experiment!