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Work from Home in Style

Work Home in Style

The number of people in the UK who work from home has increased in recent years to reach record highs. In 2016 there were an estimated 1.5 million people listed as working from home…which is a huge leap from the 241,000 that were listed in 2006.

Of course, a large part of this increase is down to improvements in technology; people can literally take the office home with them.

This gives rise to a new problem in the world of DIY. The kitchen table just won’t cut it for most professionals; as a place to eat breakfast it’s fine but as a place to conduct business? Not so good.

Making space

With UK homes not being renowned for their spaciousness, how to maximise your working space and not encroach too much on the rest of the family is a bit of a conundrum.

Many people will simply take over the smallest spare room and call that the office; but what if you don’t have a spare room? What if there seems to be no room anywhere in the house?

That’s when you need to get creative. Some spots which are often overlooked when it comes to creating a home office include;

  • Under the stairs
  • Large cupboard
  • Shed
  • Sunroom

You might not instantly think “office!” when you look at your garden shed or indeed, your cupboard…but with plenty of timber and some imagination, you can create brilliantly versatile working ‘nook’ rather than a large office.

All you really need is a spot which is large enough for a desk space and chair and which affords you some privacy.

Cupboards are easily converted to offices by the addition of a knee-hole desk and even sheds can be made into comfortable offices with some insulation and an artistic eye.

Cupboards and sheds aren’t well known for being cheerful or light spaces, but they’re easily cheered up with the addition of a daylight bulb and a spider plant. The daylight bulb is to keep you from S.A.D. and the plant is to make sure your air quality is good.

If you’re wondering what to do with all the ‘stuff’ you’re going to evict from the cupboard, then invest in some clever storage options. Look at storing things under beds, over doors and within furniture.

Don’t give up on your work-from-home ambitions! Look around…where is there a decently sized spot which you could claim as your own? Every home has one…you just need to find it.