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What is CT1 Sealant and what makes it unique?

What is CT1 Sealant and what makes it unique?

CT1 was created by C-TEC who specialise in the development of indoor and outdoor, sealing and bonding products. After extensive research C-TEC established that the market required a flexible and odourless sealant that could, not only be applied to wet and underwater surfaces, but also resist fungal growth and refrain from shrinkage.

The market seemed to be asking the impossible, but C-TEC delivered by producing CT1, ‘The Snag List Eliminator’ - This unique sealant and construction adhesive replaces numerous products, using just one tube. It is widely recognised as the ultimate development in bonding and sealing, and offers a unique adhesion on virtually any material, without the need for additional fixings. It will successfully bond glass, mirrors, wood, polystyrene and even metals (including lead).

CT1 sealant’s unique, ground breaking formulation of a hybrid polymer means that it can be applied on wet surfaces and even underwater! This makes it the perfect sealant for baths, showers, roofs, floors, pools and even boats.

Another great benefit of CT1 sealant is that it can be painted using any type of paint. This allows you seamlessly blend the sealant in with the rest of the applied structure. It is also UV resistant, can accommodate movement and holds an excellent resistance against vibration. 

CT1 contains no harmful solvents and is 100% ecologically compliant. This gives you full peace of mind when using this product that it is the safest option available and you are not damaging the environment.

Our policy is to sell brands that our customers know and trust and we believe that this all-in-one sealant, adhesive and filler will exceed your expectations.