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Plywood Flooring Can Be Cheap, Simple, and Beautiful

Plywood has often been seen as a cheap material, and therefore dismissed when it comes to more visible areas such as flooring or furniture. However, the full potential of plywood is being realised – it’s a cheap, attractive, and incredibly versatile material that can be used bare (if you like the look) or painted and stained to look like something else entirely. That’s why plywood flooring is catching on – it’s easy to install, offers rustic chic, and is considerably cheaper than solid wood flooring.

While some homeowners opt to cut plywood into strips to emulate more traditional wooden flooring, you have many more options than just ‘floorboards’. You can certainly cut it and even stain or paint it to look like more traditional wooden flooring. You can use the large sheets of it to cut down on the time it takes to cover a floor, or you can even but it into fancier shapes and triangles to make a plywood parquet.

Plywood’s natural look is part of the draw for some people, but others don’t always like the ‘cheap’ association and want their floor to look like another material. Luckily, plywood can take practically any finish, from a simple stain and varnish through to more elaborate paintwork to match the rest of the room or even create a high-shine finish.

One of the main draws is that plywood can be installed yourself – most people will not pay professionals to install this flooring since the main draw is the price. You just need to make sure that your floor is even, prepared, and clean, with a good underlay. After that, you can position your plywood and nail it down, then stain, paint, or varnish it however you want! A nail gun will make it a faster job, and will avoid nudging any boards out of place as you work across your room.